Geothermal Installer Service and MaintenanceOwens Geothermal, Inc. installs, maintains & services Geothermal Heating, Geothermal Air Conditioning, In Floor Radiant Heating & Cooling and Air Filtration Systems in Maryland, Washington and Virginia. Owens is the premier geothermal installer in MD, DC, VA.

Geothermal is a highly efficient environmentally friendly way to heat and cool the air and water in your home or commercial property. Eco Friendly & Energy Star

We are your Geothermal Expert! You can trust our experience and expect professional qualified trained professionals to do your geothermal installation.

PRICE: Geothermal equipment and installation pricing has become a very critical issue for all parties involved. It is imperative to take the time to read all of this information. If your are shopping Geothermal Installers and find companies that are offering their equipment and services at a cut rate price, pause with great concern. It is important to remember that it takes a specific amount of money to purchase quality equipment and to have certified professionals that can properly install, service and maintain geothermal. Plus, Smart Geothermal equipment can last for decades and not all geothermal equipment is Smart Geothermal. You need to choose a company that is financially healthy enough to be in business 20 plus years from now to maintain and service your equipment along with upholding the warranty. All geothermal installers and geothermal equipment are not created equal. At Owens Geothermal, Inc. we charge a fair price for all of our equipment and services. So, if our price is fair, and we mean very fair, what does it say about the stability of the company and the quality of equipment that is being offered when the price is so cheap? Owens Geothermal, Inc. has been in business for over 38 years. We have an enormous list of incredibly satisfied customers that would not think of using or referring anyone but Owens Geothermal, Inc. Our staff consists of multiple generations of family members and loyal lonGeothermal Installer in Maryland, Virginia, Washingtong-term employees that work here because they love their jobs and want this company to last so it will employ future generations of family members and staff's children. Don't settle for less. You will get what you pay for and with Owens Geothermal, Inc., you will be surprised at how much more you will get beyond what you pay for. As you have probably realized, there are companies in our area that are under pricing jobs just to move out unneeded inventory and to cover payroll until they go out of business. Cheaper, in this case is not better. You can trust us, feel free to call us and show us these proposals. Speaking to us  will be the best conversation you can possible have with a Geothermal expert before you make such an important decision. This is our community too. We care about our existing and future clients and we don't want anyone to be duped. Thanks for listening. Call us anytime, we will be here for generations to come.



Bosch Geothermal Installer

Geothermal Installation

We will only install equipment that offer the highest standards of performance and dependability.

We will select the best equipment combinations based on your specific residential or commercial property.
Geothermal Equipment Maintenance

Geothermal Maintenance

We have maintenance programs for all major brands of existing Geothermal Heating Geothermal AC / Air Conditioning, Geothermal Hot Water, In Floor Radiant Heating & Cooling and Air Filtration Systems.

Regular Maintenance =
Lower Energy Bills

Geothermal Service, Install and Maintenance

Geothermal Service

We will service all major brands of existing Geothermal Heating, Geothermal AC / Air Conditioning, Geothermal Hot Water, In Floor Radiant Heating & Cooling and Air Filtration Systems.

Our technicians are qualified trained professionals.


Geothermal Installer in Maryland, Virginia, Washington

Is Geothermal good for commercial & residential properties? YES

Can Geothermal heat & cool? YES

Can Geothermal heat my water? YES

Geothermal Energy Savings

Can I get Cash Rebates from my state and Federal Tax Credits too? YES

s Geothermal Eco-Friendly & Energy Star Compliant? YES

In the long run, is Geothermal the best financial decision for me? Ohhh Yeah


Call or drop by

Geothermal Installer in Maryland, Virginia, Washington

We are really easy talk to. We love it when people drop by our office with questions. We also love flipping down the tail gate of a truck and enjoying the fresh air while we discuss what systems would be best suited for your specific property.

We really mean it, we welcome you to drop by. We are available to answer any questions you have.

Our Specialties Are:

- Geothermal Installation
- Geothermal Maintenance
- Geothermal Service
- Geothermal Heating and AC
- Install, Maintain and Service
Any Major HVAC Brand
- In Floor Radiant Heat and Cool
- Air Filtration Systems
- Listening